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5 Reasons Every Diver Should Purchase their own SCUBA gear

Buying your own SCUBA equipment is an investment that pays for itself in many ways.  Here are 5 benefits and reasons why you should buy your own equipment.  1. The #1 reason that all divers should have their own personal gear is familiarity. Purchasing your own gear, training with it from the start, and using it regularly can significantly reduce your risk of decompression sickness.  In the August 2000 issue of Dive training magazine, Joel Dovenberger, VP of medical services for DAN, stated that the single fastest growing factor for decompression sickness in divers is the lack of familiarity with their equipment.  Check out our gear packages ! 2. Another important reason is the equipment will fit you properly. Every piece of dive equipment comes in a variety of sizes. This is especially true for wet suits, BCDs and mouthpieces. An accurate size will make the diving experience more relaxed and comfortable. Rental equipment may not fit 100% correctly (especially for women)

The Difference Between Full Blade Fins and Atomic Split Fins

Ever had a leg cramp under water? Tired of currents pulling you back and therefore consuming unnecessary amounts of air? Don't fret!  There is a solution! The difference: Split fins are designed to cut through currents and eliminate leg cramps.  Blade fins AKA Paddle fins have a higher kick resistance and require more kick cycles to travel the same distance as a diver wearing Split fins. They also create more drag which requires more kicking and more effort, causing higher air consumption and cramping.  Atomic Split fins optimize performance by finding the perfect balance of stiffness, shape, and size. To maximize the benefit of the Split fin use a smaller, more frequent flutter kick. This saves energy and creates less drag when diving. Tests done on the split fin have proven that they can reduce air consumption leading to longer, more enjoyable dives. Plus Atomic Split Fins come in all kinds of colors! Stop by the shop to try some on today or  click here  to