Five Reasons to Visit Utila Honduras

So you’ve decided to finally book that much-needed vacation. Awesome! Here are five reasons why you should make Utila, Honduras your next vacation destination

    1.       Diving

This might be obvious to some, but most people don’t consider Honduras when booking dive vacations. Utila sits right on the edge of the Mesoamerican Reef system, the second largest barrier reef in the world, stretching more than 700 miles from the Yucatan peninsula to the Bay Islands of Honduras. It is the smallest of the Bay Islands at just 16 square miles and is surrounded by lush coral reefs on all sides, making a perfect home to more than 500 species of fish, 350 species of mollusk, and 65 species of stony coral.
With warm waters year round it is a migratory destination for whale sharks, everyone’s bucket-list sighting! The more than 80 dive sites are just minutes from mainland, make boat rides easy and multiple dives a day possible. This is the perfect destination for the novice and expert!

    2.       Location

While most of the top dive destinations in the world require 24+ hours of travel time on planes, trains, and automobiles, Utila is just a four hour plane ride away. Several major airlines fly from all of Florida’s major cities to the mainland city of San Pedro Sula (SAP), and a quick charter flight will take you straight to Utila. You also have the option of flying to the more populated Bay Island of Roatan (RTB) and taking the ferry to Utila. Central America is on CST, meaning no jet lag when traveling there or when coming home!

3.       Cost

In most countries, the USD is not as strong as it has been in the past. However, the dollar is stronger than ever in Honduras, with the exchange rate at $1 = 24.5 Lempiras. Everything in Honduras is historically less expensive—you can get a huge meal for two, appetizers and desserts included, for around 300 Lempira (less than $13!). Diving and courses are also much cheaper here, making this a top destination for budget travelers to come and explore the underwater world! Land activities also won’t break the bank, with horseback riding from 480 Lempira (less than $20) per person and 4-wheeler/golf cart rentals for around 1000 Lempira (about $40) per day.

   4.       Activities

Diving isn’t the only thing to do in Utila! If you are traveling as the non-diver, snorkeling is always an option. Several of the dive sites have areas as shallow as 15 feet for you to explore. There are several out-of-water things to do as well--You can rent a 4-wheeler or golf cart and explore the island, hike up Pumpkin hill (the tallest point on the island, about 250 feet above sea level), kayak through the mangroves, and even do a beach cleanup! Dive shops across the island offer meet-ups for games and good times, and several conservation organizations have started hosting awareness seminars to spread knowledge about the dangers our reefs face.   

     5.       Island-Life

Utila is the perfect place to live the island-bum lifestyle for a week. Relax on the deck with a cold Salva Vida, enjoy live music at Tranquila’s bar, and explore the mosaic tree-house style bar of Treetanic. This island is no stranger to a good time, and there is always something new to do each night. Several bars offer drink challenges to win t-shirts/souvenirs and places have started hosting trivia and Bingo games during the week. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place with a glass of wine or want a few fresh mojitos, Utila has a spot to truly enjoy your vacation!

Join us for a New Year's Utila Dive Trip with our seasoned Utila Adventurer Jennifer Carr.December 28 2019- January 3 2020.

Call the shop or follow this link to learn more and reserve your spot. Only $175 down!  


  1. My daughter and I took the open water this past weekend. It was fantastic I can't say enough about our instructor Jenn very knowledgeable patient and professional and a great sence of humor and the Dive Master Chad fantastic teacher easy to get along with and very helpful, I look forward to diving with them again. I will and have recommended Atlantic Pro Divers to my friends. Cheyenne and I had a wonderful time thank you.

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