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Project AWARE

If you have taken a SCUBA class with Atlantic Pro Divers before then you've probably heard your instructor talk about Project AWARE and making a donation to upgrade your certification card. A lot of people hear "pay more" and stop listening, unfortunately, without knowing what they would be benefiting. So what is Project AWARE? 25 years ago the SCUBA diving community started to realize the impact humans were having on the underwater ecosystems as well as coastal areas, and knew they had to take a stand. Project AWARE is now a global force of divers working together to protect the underwater environment. What can you do to become more involved? Make Every Dive a Survey Dive Although it is believe that 70% of marine debris that enters the ocean ends up on the sea floor, little quantitative information is available regarding the quantity and type. By reporting the quantity and type of debris collected on each of your dives, you can help Project AWARE

Diving With the Best in SCUBA

In 1995 Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth came together with a vision for creating the best: the best materials with the best design. It was their passion for diving that led them to set new standards of excellence and innovation.  A short year later in 1996, Atomic Aquatics was born. First things first, the Regulators . All Atomic Aquatics regulators share the best design in diving.  The exclusive Jet Seat Piston eliminates creeping intermediate pressures and minimizes maintenance, making the service-interval for all Atomic regulators two years (three for the T3!).  Atomic regulators are named based on their first-stage material: T3 is made of Titanium ST1 is made of Stainless Steel/Titanium B2 is made of Chrome Plated Brass M1 is made of Monel Z3 is made of Zirconium  Each second stage is equipped with the Atomic Aquatics Patented Automatic Flow Control (AFC) and Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice. The AFC eliminates the manual adjustment normally needed to regul