Diving With the Best in SCUBA

In 1995 Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth came together with a vision for creating the best: the best materials with the best design. It was their passion for diving that led them to set new standards of excellence and innovation. 
A short year later in 1996, Atomic Aquatics was born.

First things first, the Regulators.

All Atomic Aquatics regulators share the best design in diving. 
The exclusive Jet Seat Piston eliminates creeping intermediate pressures and minimizes maintenance, making the service-interval for all Atomic regulators two years (three for the T3!). 

Atomic regulators are named based on their first-stage material:
  • T3 is made of Titanium
  • ST1 is made of Stainless Steel/Titanium
  • B2 is made of Chrome Plated Brass
  • M1 is made of Monel
  • Z3 is made of Zirconium 
Each second stage is equipped with the Atomic Aquatics Patented Automatic Flow Control (AFC) and Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice. The AFC eliminates the manual adjustment normally needed to regulate the venturi effect as you dive deeper.

The Orifice design prolongs the life of the low-pressure poppet seat to maintain the crisp "like new" factory tuning and prevent the second stage from leaking between servicing. 

Each second stage (T3, ST1, B2, Z3) is equipped with the comfort swivel, allowing for a larger range of motion and minimizing the dreaded "jaw fatigue" most divers experience with other second stages.

Just when you thought things in diving couldn't get better, the Atomic Aquatics BC was released. 

The Atomic BC2 is the toughest back-inflate BCD in the world. Unique features of the BC2 include:
  1. Exclusive Laminated & Coated Waterproof Fabric--resists abrasion/tears/punctures and sheds water like a raincoat, allowing for a dry BC minutes after entering the water!
  2. Ratcheting Cam-Lock tank band -- working like ski/snowboard bindings, it easily adapts to a variety of tank sizes and eliminates the need to "water test" the nylon band when securing. 
  3. Patented EZ-LOK Weight Release System -- each pouch holds up to ten pounds, and slides effortlessly into pockets, locking with a "snap" that is easily done with a single finger. 
  4. Quilted Back-pad & Adjustable Lumbar Pad -- enables the divers to adjust the fit of the BC allowing for maximum comfort
  5. Sand-Resistant Pocket Zippers -- unique to Atomic the self-sealing zipper closes completely to prevent sand/salt/debris from getting caught in the zipper. 
Extra features include an easily-accessible pocket over the right hip, titanium-coated stainless steel D-Rings, low-profile trim weight pockets, a non-skid tank pad, and high performance inflator choices--we recommend the Atomic Titanium SS1

Atomic maintains their reputation for offering the best in dive equipment by also creating a line of masks, fins, and snorkels that are always the top choice for professionals and amateurs alike. 

The split fin was designed to optimize all variables in a fin design--length and flexibility. They are easy-kicking fins that deliver high thrust, speed, and efficiency with a comfortable, low-frequency kick cycle. 

The Atomic Frameless 2 mask offers an extraordinary view with unparalleled comfort. Two grades of silicone are molded together to give the diver the perfect seal on their face. The UltraClear lenses are unmatched clarity, taking the "green" out of the glass, and the multiple size options make this mask the number one choice! 

Keeping your breath above water for you is the Atomic SV2 snorkel. SV stands for three things:
  • Scupper Valve--keeping water our of your mouth much like it does to keep water out of a boat motor
  • Small & Versatile -- streamlined design that fits comfortably by your face
  • Sleek & Valuable -- easy to stow and easy to wear makes this snorkel a valued piece of equipment that everyone wants to wear

We are always available for gear consultations and fittings, just come by the shop! 


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